L-3 CA), a division of L-3 Aerospace Systems.

As an industry leader in all areas of aircraft manufacture, aerostructures fabrication, and aircraft modification, we pride ourselves in customer-centric relationships with  commercial, military, and original equipment manufacturers - (OEM) customers. L-3 CA offers customers great value, high quality, and superb schedule performance. L-3 CA is a vertically integrated, one-stop shop for parts fabrication through end-item aerostructures, rotary wing cabins and fixed wing modifications.


Take a loook of Mexico´s Industry Newspaper article that shows L3´s 60,000 sq. ft. facility in Chihuahua, equipped with brand new CNC machines, Hydro and Press forming machines. Utilizing well-jnown brands helps to secure business from the OEM´S and Tier Ones.


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Aerospace Cluster

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Av. William Shakespeare No. 157 | Complejo Industrial Chihuahua | Chihuahua, Chih. México | Zip Code 31136