Kaman Aerospace is a manufacturer and subcontractor in the global commercial and military aerospace and defense market.

Kaman Aerospace decided to expand its manufacturing operations to Chihuahua, Mexico in 2011.


Plant Area: 64,000 Ft2

Quality Certifications: AS 9100 Rev C, NADCAP, Aluminum Heat Treat

Number of employees: 150

Current Customer Base: Boeing, K-MAX, Bombardier, Aernnova, Zodiac, Triumph  and  Bell Helicopter

Export Countries: USA and Canada

Equipment: CNC Router, Haas 3 axes, Hydroform Press , Brake Form Press, Hot Joggles, Heat Treat and Age Oven

Supplier Capability: Sheet metal and extrusion fabrication and assembly for aerospace structures

Main Products: Aluminum detail parts, Heat Treat, Hot Joggling, sub-assemblies and assemblies for aerospace applications

Contact:   Mr. James Melvin, Vice President Marketing and Sales, US +1 (904) 485-1605

Website: http://www.kaman.com



The simplicity of the K-MAX ® design is inherently safer and more reliable.

A single engine, a single transmission, a servo-flap controlled, counter-rotating rotor with no high-pressured hydraulic system, and no tail rotor mean fewer essential systems and low maintenance costs.

The counter-rotating rotor system elimates the need for a tail rotor drive system so all enginee power goes directly to the main rotors for significantly improved lift performance, critical to mantaining power and performance at high altitudes and high temperatures.

Aerospace Cluster

Phone: +52 (614) 4428450 Ext. 236

              +52 (614) 442-8462



Av. William Shakespeare No. 157 | Complejo Industrial Chihuahua | Chihuahua, Chih. México | Zip Code 31136